Flippers Pizzeria

Perfecting Pizza Since 1987

Our pizza philosophy remains simple to this day.

Fresh, all-natural ingredients combined with time-honored artisan methods make a better pizza. Period.

This is why you won’t find artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in anything we serve.

Our dedicated pizza chefs take pride in handcrafting fresh dough, daily, using unbleached artisan flour and extra virgin olive oil.

From our fresh-packed, San Joaquin pizza sauce and crushed imported DOP San Marzano tomatoes to our 100% whole milk Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and BelGioioso fresh mozzarella, we obsessively seek out the best ingredients.

Our meats are all-natural. Our spices are hand-picked, and our vegetables are hand-chopped, sliced, diced, and roasted in-house.

Baked to perfection in our 600 degree brick ovens,

Flippers is pizza perfected.


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