Friday Muscle Car Show & Cruise

Join the heart pounding excitement of high-performance engines and true horse power for our Muscle Car Show every Friday night.   The Friday Muscle Car Show will begin at 3:00pm and the qualifications are show-quality muscle and factory-performance cars from 1964 and newer and classics from 1985 and older.  Cars will cruise at 8:30pm and all cars registered can participate.

The Muscle Car Show & Cruise is free for car owners* and free for the public to attend.

PARTICIPATING CARS: enter Old Town from Highway 192 under the east (left) side of the Jukebox signs where you’ll be greeted by Event Staff.  They will then direct you to a security escort down the brick streets.  Please do not drive on the bricks without permission.

***$2,000 Giveaway Every Month ($1,000 on Friday and $1,000 on Saturday)***
Exclusive for Old Town Cruisers – Each time you cruise at Old Town on Friday and Saturday during the month, you’re entered for the chance to win $1,000! After the cruise on the last Friday and Saturday of each month, one name will be drawn and that Cruiser will win $1,000 courtesy of Old Town Kissimmee.

*Show-quality high performance cars and trucks that meet the qualifications will be permitted to participate in the Friday Show.  Trucks will have dedicated parking in Block 4.  After registration, please follow security down the brick streets and left at the fountain to the staging parking lot.  Turn right and cross over Florida Plaza to park.  Trucks not parked in Block 4 will be asked to move.


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