Wednesday Car Show

Wednesday Night Themed Car Show is a unique car show featuring show-quality specific types, models or makes of cars and trucks.  As long as you own that type of vehicle, you can be a part of the show.  It’s free to participate or attend and features live music.

Car Show beings at 5:00pm and Live Music on the Main Stage begins at 6:00pm

Wednesday Themes:

11 – GM’s, Camaros, Corvettes, & Classic Chevys
18 – Mustangs, Classic Fords and Pick-Up Trucks
25 – All “VETERAN” Owned Cars
1 – Mopars and Themed Cars
8 – GM’s, Camaros, Corvettes, & Classic Chevys
15 – Mustangs, Classic Fords, and Pick-Up Trucks
22 – Jeeps and Pick-Up Trucks
29 – Volkswagen Night

Cars must be show-quality. Old Town reserves the right to determine if a car is acceptable to participate in the show.

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