Wednesday Night Car Show

Join us for the return of the Wednesday Night Car Show.  This unique show will feature certain types, models or makes of cars and trucks every Wednesday.  As long as you own that type of vehicle, you can be a part of an Old Town car show.  It’s free to participate and features live music on Trophy Row Stage.


February Schedule:



2/21/18 –  4×4’s and JEEPS

2/28/18 – EUROS

3/7/18 – RAT ROD NIGHT

3/14/18 – TUNER NIGHT – Slammed, Modified, Cambered, Boosted; bring out todays culture of cars we call tuners. All makes and models of tuners are welcome American and Import.

3/21/18 – EXOTIC NIGHT – Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari. Those names sound familiar? Bring out your high end exotics to the Old Town Wednesday nights!

3/28/18 – MISFIT NIGHT – Oddball, unique, rare, or out-casted cars. Bring out cars that we don’t see often or are usually a “misfit” to the car scene.


**Any make and model for each night


Cars must be show-quality. Old Town reserves the right to determine if a car is acceptable to participate in the show.

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