Xtreme Ninja Challenge

Xtreme Ninja Challenge Opens

Xtreme Ninja Challenge opens in the renovated Front Plaza.  The Xtreme Ninja Challenge is off the hit show “American Ninja Warrior”.  The course is a one-of-a-kind experience that can be found nowhere else in Central Florida.  Guests are invited to try out a series of various obstacles to challenge physical and mental strength.  Each obstacle is of varying difficulty as guests move along the course.  The final is the Warped Wall where guests are pushed to reach the top at 11 feet.

“I’m excited to bring my Xtreme Ninja Warrior course to Old Town” says David Kroner, Xtreme Ninja Challenge Owner and Operator.  “We believe in providing youth and adults across the world with a fitness alternative experience that is fun, challenging and teaches us to get back up and try again. We are development focused, especially with getting our ninjas stronger, fitter and more confident in their ability to tackle obstacles.”

Xtreme Ninja Challenge is located next to Nathan’s Famous, Shoney’s, and Bobby’s Garage Bar.  The 2,650 square foot space offers the obstacle course plus merchandise including shirts, hats, and other ninja apparel.

Xtreme Ninja Challenge is open daily.


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